Do not call me stranger

Do not call me a stranger because I was born far from here.

Or because my country has a different name.

When we were babes at our mothers’ breasts, did they not have the same dreams for us?

Do not call me a foreigner because my words are different sounding.

Or you do not understand them.

Because a smile speaks the same in every language.

Do not call me different because my skin is another color

Or my features do not match yours.

Do we both not laugh and cry?

Does God’s love not shine in both our eyes?

Do not call me a stranger because we are the same.

When there is no water, do you thirst like me?

When there is no food, do you not feel hunger like me?

Are you cold in the winter when there is no shelter?

Do not call me different and look at me with eyes of fear or hatred or indifference.

Just because I look different.

When harm comes to me, can you not feel the pain also?

We are one Humanity.

Does it really matter what I look like?

Or where I live?

Or how I worship?

When we are all Children of the same Universe,

We are all Seeds of Humanity.

Do not call me a stranger,

I am just your brother or sister  you have not yet met.


Inspired by the song “No me llames extranjero” – Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral

©2009 Humanity Healing. Partial Rights Reserved.


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